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Austria Transnational Forum and Study Tour of the 4Biomass project, Vienna 29th of October 2012

On the 29th of October 2012 a Transnational Forum with the main title "Biomass for Central Europe: Which Strategies for a Limited Resource?" will take place in Ceremonial Hall of the Federal Agricultural Chamber, 1014 Vienna, Schauflergasse 6. The Study Visit will be organized on the following day on the 30th of October.

The purpose of the Transnational Forum is to discuss the subject of biomass as a source for renewable energy in Central Europe with respect to the outcomes of the project 4Biomass. The biomass potential to produce energy is remarkable in all the Central European countries, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. However, it is not unlimited.

Germany 4Biomass Final Conference March 2012, Berlin 20th of March 2012

During the conference the main outputs and a summary of the lessons learned during the project will be presented to the public. The contents are addressed to policy makers, implementing agencies, investors and the interested public in the field of bioenergy.

Germany 4Biomass - Fachpodium während des GFFA 2012 in Berlin, Berlin 20th of January 2012

Das Thema der von der FNR organisierten Veranstaltung lautet "Praxis und Erweitungsbedarf der Nachhaltigkeitszertifizierung bis 2020 und danach - Zur Sicherung einer nachhaltigen Biomassebereitstellung"

Italy Workshop with fieldtrip focused on biomass District Heating (DH), Milan 5th of December 2011

ENEA, together with the Italian Producers of Renewable Energy Federation, FIPER, announces, in the frame of 4Biomass Project activities, a Workshop focused on biomass District Heating (DH), that will be held on 5th December in Milan, followed by a Field Trip at a district heating plant in Tirano (Lombardia Region) on 6th December.

Germany Bioenergie-Regionen, Kakerbeck 20th of September 2011

For realising a bioenergy project, the financial aspects as well as the corporate structure are of crucial concequence. FNR organises a stakeholder workshop in cooperation with one of the Bioenergy Regions in Germany, the Altmark- Region, in Kakerbeck. During this event three different approaches are presented and discussed with a special focus to bioenergy cooperatives.

Poland Biogas – Targets, Potential and Promotion within Central Europe, Warsaw 7th of April 2011

The 4Biomass project organizes a Transnational Forum to exchange experiences on bioenergy policy throughout the Central Europe. Special focus of this conference will be laid on biogas, as one of the most important bioenergy sources for this region.

Austria Trade of Biomass in Central Europe, Vienna 5th of October 2010

The workshop with project partners from eight Central European countries will focus on the question on how to bring the biomass to the respective markets like small-scale heating, district heating, fuels for transport etc.

Study Tour to the Bioenergy Region Straubing-Bogen 31st of August 2010

This study tour is part of the Central European Project 4Biomass. We would like to invite you to take part in this special event.

Germany Promoting sustainable bioenergy production and use – Challenges ahead for EU wide implementation of RES Directive 2009/28/EC, Berlin 11th of March 2010

Hungary Ukrainian presentation from the 4Biomass conference in Budapest, Budapest 15th of December 2009

Presentation of Mrs. Tetiana Zheliezna from the 1.st international conference of 4Biomass from Budapest, Hungary.

Hungary International 4Biomass Conference, Budapest 1st of December 2009

the International 4Biomass Conference was held in Hungary on the 1st and 2nd December. The conference has covered all the major topics the projects is covering at the moment as the situation of REAP in the Central Europe, Demo projects and Country studies.

Slovakia Partner Meeting in Zvolen, Slovakia, Zvolen 4th of November 2009

The third partner meeting of the project 4Biomass will be held on the 4th and 5th of November in Zvolen, Slovakia. The meeting weill be organized by SK BIOM. Part of the meeting will be as well a field trip to a heat plant for biomass of the Zvolenska Teplarenska Inc..

Czech Republic Project partner meeting in Prague, Prague 18th of February 2009
Presenting state of art in WP1

The Project Committee of the 4BIOMASS-Project met for the first time after the kick-off meeting to discuss results and specific plans of the next working period. The meeting took place in Prague, Czech Republic and was hosted by the Czech Partner of the project – CZ Biom.



This project is implemented through
the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF