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Mission summary

The Project 4Biomass fosters usage of bioenergy throughout Central Europe (CE) via turning know-how to show-how.

The project contributes to sustainable exploitation of biomass in two ways:

  1. The exchange of best practice concerning technology, demonstration projects and management approaches throughout CE will contribute to territorial cohesion. It will provide an equal level of knowledge regarding available technologies, investment possibilities and operation of bioenergy systems.
  2. Direct support to regional stakeholders by turning know-how to show-how (workshops, project develop­ment, field trips). A Joint Management Tool consisting of a databank will pool information on CE demonstration projects and best practise. It will help stakeholders to find tailor-made solutions for investments in bioenergy plants, and for their operation.

For biomass as a limited resource, a political framework is needed to regulate its usage. In this context the project 4Biomass analyses the exploitable bio­mass potential in CE and its respective trade.  A core activity is an internationally aligned stakeholder dialogue. (“What do you expect from your national Biomass Action Plan/Renewable Energy Action Plan (nBAP/REAP)?”).

Further a coordinated regulatory framework – a Transnational Action Plan directed at policy ma­kers and implementing authorities – will be developed giving advice on how an integrated and transnational coordinated bioenergy policy can be desig­ned.

Implementation of policies will be facilitated by the preparation of a Transnational Forum for stake­holders to exchange experiences on- and to further coordinate, national policy implementations.

Moreover, criteria for giving a mandate to “Central European Biomass Centres” will be elaborated. They will address transnational biomass & sustainability issues and in addition play vital roles in the Transnational Network 4Biomass. National networks of stakeholders will be optimized and enlarged in order to operate as part of this network. The Trans­national Network 4Biomass will support international cooperation, exchange of information about best practices, new technologies and other ways of biomass utilization. This supports efficient transnational management of biomass.


30 Nov 20124Biomass project ends on 30th of November 2012
After four years of project activities the project will end on 30th of November 2012. 48 months of project activities brought expected and unexpected results and achievements. Partly, these results will have a further influence on the CENTRAL EUROPEAN political framework on bioenergy. The foremost objective of 4Biomass was to support the Central European Member States in their implementation of the national Renewable Energy Action Plans, foster biomass and increase the share of bioenergy in CENTRAL EUROPE.
30 Nov 2012The wrap up of the project 4Biomass
The main goal of the project 4Biomass has been to promote the truly sustainable use of bioenergy. How? By facilitating exchange of information, supporting investments and providing decision makers with recommendations for sustainable policy measures.
29 Nov 20124Biomass Presentation at IEA Bioenergy Conference in Vienna
Between November 13th and 15th, 2012, the IEA Bioenergy Conference 2012 took place in Schönbrunn Palace Conference Center of Vienna, Austria. Some 200 bioenergy experts from all over the world gathered to discuss the most important questions concerning bioenergy, in twelve sessions. On the third day of the conference, study tours to selected places of bioenergy-research and –demonstration were offered to the participants.


This project is implemented through
the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF