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BtL Pilot plant - bioliq

Combined decentral / central chemical process generating high potential BtL biofuels, so called Synfuels.

4Biomass Project Partner:› Agency for Renewable Ressources
Keywords:biofuel 2nd generation, demo project
Demoproject type:Demo plant
Energy plant type:Biofuels 2nd generation
Plant size:Pyrolysis pilot plant 2MW (0,5 t/h) Gasifiation pilot plant 5 MW (1t/h) Synthesis I - 150 kg/h Synthesis II - 100 l/h
Adress:KIT Campus Nord Karlsruhe, Germany
Project website:http://www.bioliq.de/
Start up dates:planning: 2010; construction: 2005; operation/commissioning: 2011
Feedstocks of current use:lignocellulosics, straw
Feedstocks of future interests:agricultural residues , bamboo, cotton, forestry residues, palm leaf, soya, wineyard residues
Source (Origin):agriculture
Used systems:Fast pyrolysis, Gasification, Synthesis I + II
Inovative equipment:Specially developed technology to produce BtL biofuels at low costs
Distribution:petrol stations
Type of final product:biofuel 2nd generation
Output of Product:BtL synthetic gasoline (biofuel)
Waste production:slug
Waste recycling:CO2 and H2O is used within the process cycle
Incentive type:public grants
Scientific advice:Karlsruhe Institute of technology
Involved companies:Lurgi AG



This project is implemented through
the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF