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Österreichische Energieagentur (AEA)

Austrian Energy Agency

Contact person(s): Johannes Schmidl
Contact e-mail: Johannes.Schmidl@energyagency.at
Web: http://www.energyagency.at/

The Austrian Energy Agency was founded in 1977 as a non-profit-making scientific association. Its General Assembly comprises some of the most distinguished representatives of the Austrian Energy Sector. In 2009 the Austrian Energy Agency counted among its approximately 50 members the federal government, eight out of the nine federal provinces (Bundesländer), important enterprises from the fields of energy industry and energy engineering, banks, interest groups, scientific organisations, energy agencies and consulting companies. This diversified structure is an essential prerequisite for independence and at the same time guarantees a good balance between theoretical scientific background and practical approach.

Main purpose and goal of the Austrian Energy Agency is to develop, support and implement measures, that aim at a sustainable supply and use of energy. Among the items to be supported are innovative energy technologies (ET), energy-efficient systems (EE), and renewable energy sources (RES). In addition, the Agency participates and co-operates within projects and networks on national, EU and international levels to promote ET, EE and RES in cooperation with other institutions.

The Austrian Energy Agency

  • assists federal and provincial governmental administrations in defining energy, technology and research policies.
  • provides studies for and implementation of government programs related to RES, EE, mobility, climate policies, housing etc.
  • provides scientific expertise in matters of RES and Energy Efficiency (EE), energy taxation and energy technology
  • cooperates with Central and Eastern European countries in the field of RES and energy efficiency strategies (Energy Partnerships)
  • analyses energy problems of technical, structural and behavioural nature, presents recommendations for actions, offers information to decision makers, and addresses the appropriate public audience.
  • develops long term strategies for sustainable development. This includes the analysis of Austria's present and future interactions with the European Community as well as with Central and East European countries.
  • evaluates the result of prototype experiences and promotes the diffusion of information regarding new developments.
  • co-operates to enhance the efficiency of existing institutions and organisations with similar programmes and missions.
  • offers information on the experience gained in the field of energy efficiency – on the level of technology, organisation, policy, information, consulting and evaluation – both in the national and the international context.
  • gives scientific support to the process of market diffusion of energy efficient technologies and provides a forum for the in-depth analyses of controversial topics.
  • describes its activities in regular reports, publishes study reports, and offers customers information.

In 2009, the Austrian Energy Agency employs a staff of around 90 people, including secretarial support. The expertise of the staff members covers a broad range of scientific technical, economic, statistical and social science disciplines.


The Austrian Energy Agency’s consulting and research activities are concentrated in six departments:

  1. Buildings and Heating
  2. Energy Economics and Policy
  3. Energy Technologies and Systems
  4. International Cooperation (with a focus on Energy Partnerships with Central and Eastern European countries)
  5. Transport
  6. klima:aktiv (Management of the “Austrian Initiative for Climate Protection” of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management)


People: Josef Rathbauer, Michael Rohrer, Kerstin Schilcher



This project is implemented through
the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF