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BIOMASA, združenie právnických osôb (BIOMASA)

BIOMASA, Association of Legal Entities

Adress: Kysucký Lieskovec č. 743, 023 34 Kysucký Lieskovec, Slovakia
Contact person(s): Ladislav Zidek, Alena Micicova, Lenka Kopunova, Janka Kavcova
Contact phone: + 421 41 423 1500
Contact fax: + 421 41 423 1505
Contact e-mail: biomasa@biomasa.sk
Web: http://www.biomasa.sk

BIOMASA, Association of legal entities is a non-profit organization joining municipalities, schools and health care institutions. BIOMASA is active mostly in North-west Slovakia, in the Zilina and Trencin region.

BIOMASA Association was founded in 1999. During this period BIOMASA became the leader in the field of biomass utilization in Slovakia. Leaders of BIOMASA have been dealing with the field of biomass utilisation since 90s.

The main aim of BIOMASA Association is to contribute to the utilization of renewable energy sources, mainly biomass, in Slovakia.

By its activities, the BIOMASA Association inform and promote the rational use of renewable energy sources, the energy savings, the high potential of the biomass in Slovakia and the concrete actions regarding the reducing the environment pollution.




This project is implemented through
the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF