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Instytut Energetyki (IEN)

Institute of Power Engineering

Adress: Mory 8, 01-330 Warsaw, Poland
Contact person(s): Hanna Burczy, Hanna Burczy
Contact phone: +48 223 451 158
Contact e-mail: hanna.burczy@ien.com.pl
Web: http://www.ien.com.pl

The Institute of Power Engineering (IEn) Warsaw Poland is a leading R&D centre, it has been carrying out researches and scientific analysis for the branch of power engineering. The IEn hadquarter is located in Warsaw, branches are located in other towns: Gdansk, Łodz, Boguchwala, Bialystok, Radom.

The main activities of Institute are:

  • Plans and programmes of the development of energy sector and electrical system,
  • New constructions of apparatus, machines and equipments for electrical sections and networks,
  • Exploitation and modernizations of electrical stations and equipments,
  • New technologies in renewable energy sector,
  • Protections of environment against harmful effects of power stations and electrical networks.

Institute of Power Engineering has unique laboratories, most of which are accredited with PCA, PCBC, GUM and UDT: Laboratory research connected with IEn RES activity:

    • stands for determination of physical and chemical properties of coal, biomass and wastes,
    • slagging intensity investigation stand,
    • demonstration gasifier,
    • solid fuels quality investigation stand.
  • The IEn leads Center of Excellence CENERG. CENERG is a excellence center affiliated with IEn, for facilitate long-term sustainable and efficient energy supply from fossil fuels and renewable energy sources in Central East Europe.
  • IEn coordinates National Research Project – BIOB “Novel Technologies of Energetic Utilisation of Biomass and Biodegradable Waste – Biomass Conversion to Gaseous Fuels".
  • IEn is also a member of Polish Scientific Consortium EKO ENERGIA for supporting, developing and implementing RES in Poland economy in this increase of biomass and waste used.
As a participant of many European research projects we closely cooperate with foreign research establishments. The international cooperation has been enforced by participation in 5th FP projects (BioFlam and PowerFlam2), 6th FP Projects (BIO-PRO, BIOASH, BIOFUCEL, ENFUGEN, FET-EU, EIFN, ERMINE, QUOVADIS, European Marie-Curie TOK) as well as 7th FP (OCTAVIO, NetProtection, others).


  • 4Biomass (December 1, 2008 - May 31, 2012)



This project is implemented through
the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF