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Renewable Energy Consortium for Research and Demonstration (RE-CORD)

Adress: Via di Mucciana 25, 50026 San Casciano Val di Pesa, Italy
Contact person(s): David Chiaramonti
Contact e-mail: info@re-cord.org
Web: http://www.re-cord.org/

RE-CORD (Renewable Energy Consortium for Research and Demonstration) is a no-profit research founded organization among different partners on October 2010.

RE-CORD members are:

  • the University of Florence, which holds 50 % of the shares through CREAR and the University Farm Azienda Agricola Montepaldi;
  • Pianvallico S.p.A., a public-private Company controlled by the 7 largest Municipality of the Mugello Area (a mountain area nearby Florence);
  • Spike Renewables S.r.L., an engineering start up from the University, set up in 2008.

RE-CORD’s main field of work is the new and growing renewable fuel sector, a key research and industrial area for the coming years.

RE-CORD aims at:

  • developing know-how and innovation trough basic and applied research
  • sharing the human and infrastructural resources of the members, constituting a lean and well equipped body, able to efficiently and quickly react to R&D opportunities as they arise.
  • operating pilot and demo unit in the field of biomass combustion, torrefaction, pyrolysis and gasification, biofuels, biochemicals, solar and wind energies
  • representing a key partner in EU and International R&D activities in the field of bioenergy, biofuels and renewable energies
  • representing a specialist in a leading sector of economy and environment, focusing themes and becoming a national and international point of excellence for research and demonstration on renewable sources.
  • offering services to International, National, and local authorities as well as to private enterprises (through the Chemical and Analytical laboratory, as well as the pilot plants), and expertise in the field Renewable Sources of Energy and Biofuels-Agroenergy.
  • promoting sustainable development as well as training and education RE-CORD has established a new chemical and analytical lab at Pianvallico to perform detailed research work on the renewable sources of energy and biofuels-agro-energy, and to provide services to national and international bodies.

RE-CORD is currently focusing on the following issues:

  • characterisation of pyrolysis oil (PO) from lignocellulosic biomass, microalgae, lignin;
  • characterisation of lignin from the 2nd gen lignocelluosic ethanol chain;
  • characterisation of solid biomasses-characterisation of pyrolysis oil from lignocellulosic biomass;
  • study on innovative feedstocks for biogas production;
  • design of a small biomass pyrolyser and utilisation of PO in small scale gas turbines;
  • determination of metals contamination on food, beverages, land and waters. Quality control of industrial products, paints, ceramics, glass. Environmental Analysis(Particulate matter, sewage sludge),
  • analysis of liquid fuels, biological molecules, quality control on chemical productsand pharmaceutical organic pollution analysis;
  • recognition of substances, thermal decomposition of organic molecules, polymers and inorganic species study.

In addition, RE-CORD can carry out analysis of exhaust emission from small scale biomass plants or industrial plants.

RE-CORD also has an experimental area at Montepaldi: a small building and 2,5acres, fenced and partially covered by greenhouses, to test innovative and experimental equipments and bioenergy systems.

Two of the lab’s instrument: CHNS and Calorimeter

The Consortium members operate at EU and International level (as IEA-Bioenergy Task 39, Commercialising 1st and 2nd generation Biofuels, and formerly member of Task 34, Biomass Pyrolysis), as well as at Regional level.

People: Dr. Ibrahim Ghanem



This project is implemented through
the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF