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Study Tour Zvolen, SK

In the Application form the partners of 4biomass stated that one of the main objective of
the project is to foster the sustainable exploitation of biomass by exchanging experiences
and best practices between the partners and other stakeholders. Through this an equal
level of knowledge regarding available technologies, investment possibilities and
operation of bioenergy system can be reached.
The second 4biomass project partner meeting held in Zvolen, Slovakia was combined
with a site visit. Thanks to our Slovakian partner we had the opportunity to visit a
cogeneration (combined heat and power production) plant in the area, where a typical
example of co-firing (combustion of two different types of materials at the same time)
was examined.
First the management of the plant gave a presentation about the plant. The
representative gave a short historical overview and then explained the technical details
and operation of the plant. The improving emission trends were highlighted during the
presentation. Some time was also allocated for discussion, where raw material use and
sustainability questions were raised. After having all the necessary information the group
was ready to see the whole plant. During the tour the project partners examined the
burners, the two reconstructed generators and the control room among others. We have
also seen the newly developed depot for woodchips.

Project: 4Biomass
Keywords: best available technology, CHP, study tour
Countries: Slovakia



This project is implemented through
the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF