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Biogas in Pilze-Nagy

The purpose of this project is to utilize the organic waste that arises during mushroom production (exhausted soil) in an environmentally friendly way. Befor the installation of the biogas plant, a research and developement program had been performed to develope the methodology for the utilization of such raw materials. In the facility, 3430 tonnes / year organic waste arises during the cultivation of mushrooms. Besides this, pig manure and cannery waste are fed into the anaerob fermenter. 1 050 000 Nm3/year biogas is produced. It is fed into the CHP plant that produces 1 750 MWh/year electricity and 6 850 GJ/year heat. The electricity is fed into the electricity network. Thanks to the biogas plant, 1 820 tonnes/ year CO2 mitigation can be reached. Significant part of the heat could be utilized for heating (and perhaps cooling) the mushroom producing tents and the buildings of the facility. For this purpose, only the some hundred meters long district heating pipeline should be installed that would connect the CHP plant and the boiler room. The expected payback of the heat utilization would be about three years. The possibility of the installation of district heating pipeline and reconstruction of heating system is currently under consideration and it will be supposedly realized in the near future. The utilization and sale of the produced energy highly increase the incomes and competitivenes of the company.

Contact persons:› Somosné Nagy Adrienn
Keywords:biogas, CHP, organic waste
Demoproject type:Working plant
Energy plant type:Biogas energy plant
Adress:6000 Kecskemét Talfája u. 50., Hungary
Start up dates:planning: 2005; construction: 2007; operation/commissioning: 2010
Feedstocks of current use:cannery waste, exhausted soil from the mushroom cultivation, pig manure
Biomass consumption:10000 t/a     ( more info )
Source (Origin):Organic waste from the nearby mushroom cultivation and from cannery.
Used systems:Anaerobic fermentation unit, CHP plant
Inovative equipment:New methodology for the utilization of waste arises during mushroom production.
Type of final product:heat, power
Electric capacity:330 kW     ( more info )
Thermal capacity:400 kW     ( more info )
Waste utilization:This organic waste arises during the cultivation of mushroom can be utilized in environmentally friendly way for producing electricity and heat by the biogas plant.
Savings of CO2:1820 t/y
Total budget:1.25 mil. EUR
Public support:0.42 mil. EUR
Incentive type:Feed in tariff
Involved companies:EnviTec Biogas
Positive experiences:The organic waste arises during mushroom cultivation can be used for energy purposes in an environmentally friendly and economically advantageous way.
Negative experiences:The utilization of heat produced of renewable sources is not supported in Hungary. For this reason the investor has not been able to realize the heat utilization yet.



This project is implemented through
the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF