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Biogas plant in Kolíňany

The main element of the whole plant is the bioreactor- fermentor of horizontal flow type with the capacity of 100 m3, where the process of creation of biogas runs over (designed daily production 120 – 150 m3 of biogas with the average content of methane 54 – 57 %) at mesophylic temperature (30 – 40 °C). The produced biogas in the fermentor is concentrated in the gas dome, and then it is taken away by the pipes to the low-pressure dry gasholder, which is formed of special rubber sheet gas-tight fixed to the digestion tank with the volume of 670 m3. The tail gas released from the substratum, which has already left the fermentor, is absorbed here, too. Biogas is subsequently used for combustion in the cogeneration unit TEDOM Premi S22 AP as well as in the adjusted gas boiler. The heat from the cooling system of the engine is transferred through the exchanger for further usage.

Keywords:biogas, biomass, bioenergy, best practice
Demoproject type:Demo plant
Energy plant type:Biogas energy plant
Start up dates:planning: 2011; construction: 2011; operation/commissioning: 2011
Feedstocks of current use:slurry, pig manure, silage, manure
Used systems:CHP plant
Type of final product:biogas
Electric capacity:22 kW
Thermal capacity:45 kW



This project is implemented through
the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF