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Biomass CHP station Senden

4Biomass Project Partner:› Agency for Renewable Ressources
Demoproject type:Working plant
Energy plant type:Thermal energy plant
Key elements:Based on the Güssing gasification plant technology, the wood gasifier technology generates carbon monoxide, hydrogen and methane under high tempertarues (850° - 935°) and sub-stoichiometric conditions. Through CHP technology, electricity and heat is gene
Plant size:4MWel
Adress:Sankt-Florian-Straße, 89250 Senden, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Project website:http://www.swu.de/privatkunden/energie-wasser/waerme/waermegewinnung/holzgas-heizkraftwerk.html
Start up dates:planning: 2006; construction: 2009; operation/commissioning: 2011
Feedstocks of current use:forestry residues
Biomass consumption:40000 t/a
Source (Origin):forest residues (>50%), driftwood, short rotation plantation, green cut, wood chips app. 45.000 t/a (moist mass)
Inovative equipment:wood gasification for commercial energy-high efficiency
Thermal efficiency:47 %
Electrical efficiency:33 %
Total efficiency:80 %
Plant/system running time:7000 h/a>( more info )
Type of final product:electricity, heat
Output of Product:electricity and heat
Electric capacity:4900 kW
Thermal capacity:6000 kW
Total Output:36000 MWh
Incentive type:Feed in tariff
Involved public:district heat
Scientific advice:EEE Güssing, Agency for Renewable Ressources
Involved companies:Repotec, SWU Stadtwerke Ulm/Neu-Ulm
Direct employment:10 employed people
Indirect employment:5 employed people
Positive experiences:The available biomass generates bioenergy using most efficient innovative technologies like CHP in combination with wood gasification.



This project is implemented through
the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF