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Biosolar in Pornóapáti

The biosolar heating plant provides 8215 GJ/year heat for for Pornóapáti through the local small scale district heating system. Currently, the annual heat demand is entirely covered by the 2 biomass boiler with nominal capacity of 2*600kW. The needed row material (wood chips) is collected from the local wood processing company as well as from the local woods. Thanks to the biomass heating plant, the annual CO2 emission decreased by 1168 tonnes and the heat demand of the village can mostly be supplyed with local sources. The heating plant was originally planned to include a 465m2 solar collector system. The solar system was planned to entirely cover the heat demand of Domestic Hot Water production. In this case the operation of biomass boilers would be needed only for the heating season. At the first stage of the realization, only the installation of the biomass heating plant and the build up of the local district heating system was possible. However, the heating plant and its surroundings was arranged to be able to be supplemented with the 465m2 solar collector system. It can only be realized in the future and it would require significant national or EU support.

Contact persons:› Purke Walter
Demoproject type:Working plant
Energy plant type:Thermal energy plant
Plant size:Capacity of the biomass heating plant: 1100kW
Start up dates:planning: 2003; construction: 2005; operation/commissioning: 2010
Feedstocks of current use:wood chips, wood residues
Biomass consumption:1054 t/a     ( more info )
Source (Origin):local wood processing company and local forests
Used systems:Biomass boiler, Solar collector system
Thermal efficiency:90 %     ( more info )
Total efficiency:90 %     ( more info )
Plant/system running time:13110 h/a     ( more info )
Distribution:District heating system
Type of final product:heat
Thermal capacity:1100 kW
Waste utilization:The residues of the local wood processing company can be utilized without considerable transportation.
Residue usage:400 t/y     ( more info )
Savings of CO2:1168 t/y
Total budget:1.661 mil. EUR
Public support:1.123 mil. EUR     ( more info )
Investors:0.539 mil. EUR     ( more info )
Involved companies:Ing. Leo Riebenbauer GmbH
Positive experiences:- The project was able to highly improve the togetherness of the local community.
- The competitiveness of the region can be improved.
- The external judgement of the region can be improved.
Negative experiences:- These kind of projects need active support and environmentally responsible thinking from the local citizens. Generally, environmentally responsible thinking is underdeveloped in Hungary therefore firstly it should be strenghtened.
- The gas supplying network is well developed in Hungary furthermore the gas prices are supported by the gowernment (on social basis). In spite of this, the heat production from renewable sources is not supported in Hungary. These circumstances hinder the spread of biomass heating systems. The pay back period of these systems are long, the needed investments are high.
- The financial condition of Hungarian municipalities is very wrong. Generally, they are not able to pre-finance projects and/or get credits.



This project is implemented through
the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF