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District Heating Plant Schöneck Saxonia

The energy produced by biomass combustion is transferred from a thermal oil boiler via a thermal oil cycle to the ORC process. Thermal oil is used as a heat transfer medium because the temperature required for operating the ORC process can be achieved while operating the thermal oil boiler practically at atmospheric pressure. The pressurised silicon oil is vaporised and slightly superheated in the evaporator by the energy supplied from the thermal oil cycle. The steam is expanded in an axial turbine which is directly connected to an asynchronous generator. Subsequently, the expanded silicon oil passes through a regenerator before it enters the condenser. The condensation of the working medium takes place at a temperature level which allows the heat recovered to be utilised as district or process heat. The liquid working medium then passes the feed pumps in order to regain the appropriate pressure level of the hot end of the cycle, passes the regenerator and returns to the evaporator.

4Biomass Project Partner:› Agency for Renewable Ressources
Demoproject type:Working plant
Energy plant type:Thermal energy plant
Key elements:CHP plant with ORC module providing heat for local community
Adress:08261 Schöneck, Germany
Project website:http://www.danpower-ekt.de/danpower/referenzen/referenz/orc-holzheizkraftwerk-schoeneck.html
Start up dates:planning: 2002; construction: 2004; operation/commissioning: 2011
Feedstocks of current use:wood chips
Biomass consumption:11500 t/a
Source (Origin):regional
Used systems:CHP plant, ORC cycle
Thermal efficiency:70 %
Electrical efficiency:15 %
Total efficiency:80 %
Plant/system running time:5500 h/a>( more info )
Type of final product:electricity, heat
Electric capacity:600 kW
Thermal capacity:2500 kW
Internal Use:15500 MWh
External Uset:3200 MWh
Savings of CO2:4600 t/y
Total budget:3,8 mil. EUR
Incentive type:Feed in tariff
Scientific advice:TU Liberec
Involved companies:Danpower GmbH
Direct employment:1 employed people
Positive experiences:low maintenance for ORC module, ORC can run on 80° and 100° of hot water feed temperature for district heat
alternative technology for smaller and medium size CHP plants to traditional steam engines
especially suitable for decentralised production of electricity and heat for basic load provisions
Negative experiences:high investment cost, this type of plant needs high running time values throughout the year to be economical



This project is implemented through
the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF