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Heating plant Žlutice

Heating plant in Žlutice has been constructed in the late nineties when the city Žlutice had to decide on the further strategy for supplying city with heat. Up to this point had been the city producing heat in old coal boilers, which were however at the end of their production time. In the year 2001 has than the city started to construct a heating plant for biomass. For the construction was of a major importance, that it has been given in total 70 % of subsidy from Czech funds. The heating plant, the distribution network (12 km) and other parts summed to the total price of 106 million CZK (currently apx. 4 million EUR).

The heating plant provides heat to apx. 70 % of the city Žlutice which has 2,5 thousand inhabitants. The plant contains 4 boilers of total power 7,9 MW where single boilers are of power 2,5 MW and three times 1,8 MW. The boiler with highest power is constructed for wooden biomass combustion, second boiler is suited for wooden biomass and straw bales and the other two are only for straw bale combustion. In order to prevent high ash emissions, are the boilers equipped with cyclone as additional filter. The annual amount of biomass combusted is 5000 ton of which is 2000 tons of straw and 3000 tons of wood biomass.

The biomass is obtained from local farmers on demand. The heating plant is missing a bigger storage space where it could accumulate fuels for longer periods of time. The cooperation with regional farmers especially on deliveries of straw has provided those a new chance for use of residuals from cereal production. The heating plant has five year contracts with farmers for biomass deliveries.

The ecological aspect of the heating plant is given not only by using biomass instead of coal as a fuel and in this way reducing the CO2 production, but as in this way has been reduced total amount of emissions, especially of ash and of sulphure dioxide. Another aspect is the use of residual ash. The ash from combustion of biomass fulfills the national legislation for fertilizers, and ids thatfor used for this purpose on local fields.

Demoproject type:Working plant
Energy plant type:Thermal energy plant
Adress:Velké náměstí 131, 364 52 Žlutice, Czech Republic
Project website:http://www.ztzlutice.cz/
Start up dates:planning: 2010; construction: 2010; operation/commissioning: 2010
Feedstocks of current use:wood chips, sorghum, bark, straw, wood residues
Biomass consumption:5000 t/a
Used systems:Biomass boiler
Type of final product:heat
Electric capacity:7900 kW
Thermal capacity:7900 kW
Waste utilization:ash used as fertilizer
Total budget:4 mil. EUR     ( more info )
Incentive type:Feed in tariff



This project is implemented through
the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF