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The plant system consists of four plants, each other physically interconnected:
• Air-exploitation (for dry lines production of RDF and line wet digestion anaerobic organic fraction)
• Wastewater treatment plant (75000 inhabitants equivalent)
• Composting plant
• Landfill
The line of treatment of organic waste from separate collection provides:
• Mechanical pre-treatment
• The preparation of mixing for density and temperature (55-65°C) in a intermediate tank (185 m3)
• The supply to the digester (volume of 2600 m3) takes place in discontinuous mode (180 m3 max)
• The discharge of the product from the digester phase and the transfer of that to the aerobic phase
• The biogas is sent to two internal combustion engine: Guascor 950 kWe and CAT3516LE 1106 KWe; preceded by a gasometer and a pretreatment of the gas itself.
The biogas production is 4,400,000 m3/a with a specific biogas production of 60 % CH4/t and a digested production/total biomass of 15-20.

Keywords:OFMSW, biogas, compost
Energy plant type:Biogas energy plant
Key elements:The Pinerolo plant is an integrated system of treatment of organic waste and consists of an anaerobic process followed by an aerobic process
Project website:http://www.ambiente.aceapinerolese.it/
Start up dates:planning: 2010; construction: 2010; operation/commissioning: 2011
Feedstocks of current use:OFMSW
Biomass consumption:50000 t/a     ( more info )
Used systems:CHP plant, Biogas fermenter, Composting plant
Inovative equipment:Treatment of organic waste consists of an anaerobic process followed by aerobic process
Electrical efficiency:34 %
Type of final product:heat, power, compost
Electric capacity:2056 kW     ( more info )
Incentive type:Green certificates
Involved companies:ACEA Pinerolese Industriale S.p.a.



This project is implemented through
the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF