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RUBIRES-RUral BIological RESources

Structural changes in agriculture, the demand for renewable resources together with the effects of climate change are three of the major challenges in Europe. Future main tasks are to strengthen the use of renewable resources and to improve its efficiency as well as to develop adjustments strategies in forestry and agriculture due to climate change. The approach of this project is to develop and implement strategies for a higher use of renewable resources and therefore gain added value to support the development of rural areas in a sustainable way.

The general objectives are to increase regional value added, to secure and improve employment, to strengthen sustainable development, to implement new technologies in energy production and to reduce the emission of CO2.

Lead partner:› Regional Planning Authority Altmark
Project partners:› Agency for Development
› District Administration Burgenlandkreis
› Eszterházy Károly College
› EU Regional Management East-Styria
› Euro-Region House Public Benefit Company
› Institute for Structural Policy and Economic Development
› La.Mo.Ro. Development Agency
› Regional Development Agency of Savinjska-šaleška Region
› Regional Planning Authority Havelland­-Flaeming
Programme:Central Europe
Keywords:bioenergy, sustainability
Project website:http://www.rubires.de
Project start:1.1.2009
Project end:31.12.2011
Total budget:€ 2.240.000,00 mil. EUR     ( more info )



This project is implemented through
the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF