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Trzcianne individual buildings

Modernisation of 41 coal fired, into biomass fired heating boilers in residential buildings in the Trzcianne commune. The overall cost of the project was 145.586 PLN, which include: subsidy of 90.000 PLN from NFOSiGW, and 55.586 PLN from the award (award in the contest Our Commune in Europe, 250.000 PLN). Promotion of biomass use in the Trzcianne commune.

4Biomass Project Partner:› AGH University of Science & Technology
Contact persons:› Arkadiusz Figorski
› Pawel Wajss
Keywords:best practice, biomass, policy, renewable energy
Demoproject type:Pilot plant
Energy plant type:Thermal energy plant
Key elements:Modernisation of 41 coal fired into biomass fired boilers for individual inhabitants, constructing of shed for wood, purchase of chopper and hydraulic splitter
Start up dates:planning: 2004; construction: 2004; operation/commissioning: 2011
Feedstocks of current use:agricultural residues , bark, forestry residues, straw, waste wood, wood residues
Feedstocks of future interests:energy crops
Biomass consumption:15 t/a     ( more info )
Source (Origin):from the maintenance forests and orchards
Used systems:Biomass boiler
Inovative equipment:First project in Poland, implemented as a package of single investments (project packaging).
Thermal efficiency:90 %
Total efficiency:90 %
Plant/system running time:3000 h/a     ( more info )
Type of final product:heat
Output of Product:space heating and domestic hot water
Total Output:1930 MWh     ( more info )
Internal Use:1710 MWh     ( more info )
External Uset:0 MWh
Water consumption:none
Water recycle:none
Waste production:ash
Waste recycling:n/a
Waste utilization:partly as fertilizer
Waste disposal:locally (Municipall Landfill)
Concurrence of use:n/a
Savings of CO2:840 t/y     ( more info )
Savings of Heating oil:166 t/y
Total budget:0.18 mil. EUR     ( more info )
Public support:0.037 mil. EUR     ( more info )
Investors:0.143 mil. EUR
Incentive type:public grants
Revenues:0.062 mil. EUR     ( more info )
Involved public:Farmers, boilers supplier (Metalerg), NFOSiGW, commune, POLBIOM.
Scientific advice:POLBIOM, AGH University of Science & Technology
Involved companies:METALERG, EKOLOG" Zakład Energetyki Cieplnej i Usług Bytowych w Zielonkach
Direct employment:41 employed people     ( more info )
Positive experiences:Becoming independent from external supplies of fuel, financial savings.
Negative experiences:No continuation because of lack of the support from government; no thermal modernisation before investment



This project is implemented through
the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF