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Info Pool on REAPs

Info Pool on REAPs

The Info Pool section is dedicated to provide information on the development of national renewable energy action plans (REAP) with a special focus on the biomass and bioenergy related issues. The 4Biomass partners will monitor the implementation of the REAP, store relevant information and recommendations.

National Renewable Energy Action Plans

All Member States have submitted National Renewable Energy Action Plans (nREAP). These plans provide detailed roadmaps of how each Member State expects to reach its legally binding 2020 target for the share of renewable energy in their final energy consumption. Member States must set out the sectoral targets, the technology mix they expect to use, the trajectory they will follow and the measures and reforms they will undertake to overcome the barriers to developing renewable energy. The plans are published in the individual languages and in English. For download of nREAPs and for more info visit the Energy web site of the European Union

Questions regarding your national REAP will be answered by the 4Biomass project partners.

Feel free to send your questions to one of the 4Biomass partners.

› Austria - Info on Energy Strategy
› Austria - nREAP (only in german)
› Czech Republic - national REAP
› Germany - Info on Biomass Strategy
› Hungary - Info on Renewable Energy Action Plan
› Italy - Info on Renewable Energy Action Plan
› Poland - Info on Renewable Energy Action Plan
› Slovakia - Info on National Biomass Action Plan
› Slovenia - Info on Reneable Energy Action Plan

Additional information and studies from other sources

› Renewable Energy Projections as Published in the National Renewable Energy Action Plans of the European Member States
› The German government’s Energy Concept Long-term strategy for future energy supply
› Renewable Energy Sources 2010 - Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU)

Additionally you can visit the web site of European Commission which established a Transparency Platform containing info on Forecast documents and REAPs. For more info click here



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