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30th of November 2012

Europe 4Biomass project ends on 30th of November 2012

After four years of project activities the project will end on 30th of November 2012. 48 months of project activities brought expected and unexpected results and achievements. Partly, these results will have a further influence on the CENTRAL EUROPEAN political framework on bioenergy. The foremost objective of 4Biomass was to support the Central European Member States in their implementation of the national Renewable Energy Action Plans, foster biomass and increase the share of bioenergy in CENTRAL EUROPE.

30th of November 2012

Europe The wrap up of the project 4Biomass

The main goal of the project 4Biomass has been to promote the truly sustainable use of bioenergy. How? By facilitating exchange of information, supporting investments and providing decision makers with recommendations for sustainable policy measures.

29th of November 2012

Austria 4Biomass Presentation at IEA Bioenergy Conference in Vienna

Between November 13th and 15th, 2012, the IEA Bioenergy Conference 2012 took place in Schönbrunn Palace Conference Center of Vienna, Austria. Some 200 bioenergy experts from all over the world gathered to discuss the most important questions concerning bioenergy, in twelve sessions. On the third day of the conference, study tours to selected places of bioenergy-research and –demonstration were offered to the participants.

29th of November 2012

Europe Biomass for Heat or Electricity – Are European politics guiding us the right way?

More than 50 participants took part in the lively discussions during the 4Biomass workshop in Brussels on 25. June 2012. Experts from Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany and Poland discussed the topic of bioenergy heat in a panel. The workshop took place in connection with the AEBIOM Bioenergy Conference 2012. Many of the participants of the conference took the chance to take part in the workshop to hear about the experiences and results of the 4Biomass project.

29th of November 2012

Austria Successful last event of the 4Biomass project - the Transnational Forum in Vienna, Austria

On October 29th, a Transnational Forum was hold in Vienna, complemented by a study tour to two sites of bioenergy–utilization in the vicinity of the Austrian capital on October 30th.

The Transnational Forum on the first day was dominated by two topics, which were mirrored in the title: Sustainable Bioenergy for Central Europe: which Strategies for a Limited Resource?

30th of October 2012

Austria Presentations from the 4Biomass Transnational Forum in Vienna, Austria

On the 29th of October has taken place the 4Biomass Transnational Forum in Vienna, Austria.

Sustainable Bioenergy for Central Europe: Which Strategies for a Limited Resource? has been the major question of the forum, which has been addressed by speakers in their presentations and during the discussion with more than 40 participants of the forum.

15th of August 2012

Austria Transnational Forum and Study Tour of the 4Biomass project

On the 29th of October 2012 a Transnational Forum with the main title "Biomass for Central Europe: Which Strategies for a Limited Resource?" will take place in Ceremonial Hall of the Federal Agricultural Chamber, 1014 Vienna, Schauflergasse 6. The Study Visit will be organized a day later on the 30th of October.

The purpose of the Transnational Forum is to discuss the subject of biomass as a source for renewable energy in Central Europe with respect to the outcomes of the project 4Biomass. The biomass potential to produce energy is remarkable in all the Central European countries, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. However, it is not unlimited.

29th of June 2012

Europe Presentations from the 4Biomass Workshop in Brussels

On the 25th of June has token place the 4Biomass Workshop, which has been part of the pre-agenda of the AEBIOM Bioenergy Conference 2012.

The Workshop 1: "Biomass for Heat or Electricity: Are European politics guiding us the right way?" has received a very good feedback from the audience which has been consisting of over 60 representatives.

24th of May 2012

Europe Joint Management Tool available on the project home page

The project homepage provides a web-based tool providing information and support for persons aiming to implement bioenergy technologies. The Joint Management Tool consists of several elements, where the user of the tool can find information to different topics related to bioenergy in his own language.

24th of May 2012

Europe Pre-feasibility studies for Austria, Hungary, Poland and Slovenia published

The project 4Biomass has published four pre-feasibility studies for bioenergy projects in the Central Europe.

The presented projects are good practice examples for decentral heat production based on solid biomass. Due to current support schemes in i.e. Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland, biomass is used in cofiring with coal for electricity production. The large scale use of biomass causes sustainability problems, which could be avoided by i.e. decentral energy production. On the other hand, there is still unused biomass potential which could be used in the Central European countries to reach the national targets in the Renewable Energy Action Plans.

23rd of May 2012

Germany Report from the International Biogas Symposium

The International Biogas Symposium was organised by IBBK in cooperation with FNR in the frame of the 4Biomass project on the 23rd and the 24th February 2012 in Berlin. The workshop was organised alongside the BioGasWorld 2012.

23rd of May 2012

Europe Joint Declaration to the Transnational Action Plan has been signed during the 4Biomass Final Conference

The Joint Declaration to the Transnational Action Plan, which has been elaborated within the 4Biomass project, has been signed by 8 representatives from 7 Central European Countries during the 4Biomass Final Conference

The plan contains recommendations for policy makers and implementing authorities towards sustainable bioenergy development by a joint and consistent policy approach.

It is a conclusive output based on findings from Country Studies, Trade Studies, Needs for Demoprojects and especially from Stakeholder Dialogue Synthesis Report which can be all viewed at the 4Biomass publication site.

23rd of May 2012

Europe Report from the 4Biomass Final Conference

The final conference of the project 4Biomass was held on the 21st and 22nd March 2012 in the Press and Visitors‘ Centre of the Federal Press Office in Berlin. About 70 stakeholders from the Central European and other European countries participated in the two–day conference.

The first day – The second Transnational Forum – was dedicated to presentations on the state of the implementation of the national Renewable Energy Action Plans in the Central European Area.

On the second day the presentations and the discussions focused on sustainable bioenergy projects and investments in the CE.

1st of May 2012

Poland Central European Bioenergy Centres in Poland

Information about Central European Bioenergy Centres in Poland. At the moment 3 Central European Bioenergy Centres have been founded in Poland:

  • Institute of Power Engineering, Warsaw
  • Automotive Industry Institute PIMOT, Warsaw
  • Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation, Pulawy

All 3 Institutes have provided a wide range of consultancy and advice services on all bioenergy related issues.

16th of April 2012

Poland Radio interview of Prof. Adam Gula

On Tuesday the 27th of March has Professor Adam Gula from the AGH presented in the Polish “Radio Plus“ on occasion of an Earth Hour information about RES, biomass and results of 4Biomass project as well as about the Final 4Biomass Conference in Berlin.

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