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from: 21st of January 2012
to: 22nd of January 2012
Berlin, Germany

10th International conference “Fuels of the Future 2013”

The participants of the 10th Conference on Biofuels “Fuels of the Future 2013” will meet at Berlin's International Congress Centre on 21st and 22nd January 2013. Germany's next federal election will be held in September 2013 and lead to new government constellations with a different political orientation. During the BBE / UFOP Conference we expect representatives of the parliamentary groups to give answers to some of the pressing questions on the future development of the biofuel market.

Political framework conditions for the promotion of biofuels in Germany and in Europe

What are the consequences of the German biofuel policy in the light of the country’s new mobility and biofuel strategy? Biofuels und price volatility – in which ways do these factors impact on poverty and hunger0? What are the prospects expected by large oil companies for biofuels? What are the global biomass potentials and what conclusions should be drawn by policy-makers with regard to the appropriate legislative framework?

Sustainability requirements for biofuels

What are the experiences regarding the implementation of the sustainability criteria for biofuels? What are the recommendations of the European Commission for the inclusion of indirect land use change (ILUC) in the sustainability criteria for biofuels? What is the position of European agriculture?

Trade and sales markets for biofuels

What are the trends for biofuel oil as a new sales market for the biofuel industry? How is the biofuel derivatives trade developing in Europe, the United States and in Brazil? What are the potentials for biofuels in the maritime sector and in aviation?

Panel discussion

Industry representatives of the biofuel sector will discuss the future of biofuels in Germany and Europe with representatives of the different German parliamentary groups. What is the role of biofuels in the election programs of the parliamentary groups in Germany?

Parallel forums

During the two conference days, a total of twelve forums will provide an insight into the market trends, the ongoing research and practical lessons learned from new biofuels and from those already available on the market. A special focus will be put on the development and potential of new biomass resources from waste and residues. Like no other, this comprehensive presentation series will provide the conference participants with insights into the latest trends in bioethanol, biodiesel, vegetable oil and biomethane and their prospects as biofuel.

German Bioenergy Association (BBE)
Markus Hartmann
Tel.: +49 228 8100222



This project is implemented through
the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF