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3rd of January 2012

23. - 24. February 2012 - Berlin International Symposium on biogas during the BioGasWorld 2012

Claudia Lutsyuk from the German leadpartner FNR (Agency for Renewable Resources)will introduce the 4Biomass project to the audience and present some key results. The international symposium is organised by IBBK and supported by the 4Biomass project.

Vito Pignatelli from the Italian parter organisation ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development),will held a presenation about a research project under the title: Jerusalem Artichoke, a new sustainable energy crop for biogas production.

Additionally, results from the SEBE project, another CENTRAL EUROPE project, will be presented during the conference.

All information and the detailed preliminary program are available online at the IBBK site.

The conference will be held in English language with translations into German. On the first day, there will be translation into Polish.

Contact - Organiser of the international symposium:
IBBK - Fachgruppe Biogas GmbH
Tel.: +49 (0)7954 926203
Andrea Haas


FNR - Agency for Renewable Resources
Tel.: +49 (0) 3843 6930 163
Claudia Lutsyuk



This project is implemented through
the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF