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7th of February 2011

28 February 2011 - Deadline for application for Nomination of ‘Central European Bioenergy Centre’ – CEBC

Application for the CEBC

Please send your applications to info@4biomass.eu


One target of the project 4Biomass is the nomination of Central European Bioenergy Centres (CEBC) resulting in a Central European Bioenergy Network (CEBioNet) promoting the use of energy from renewable sources.

Organisations and institutions active in the field of bioenergy will be nominated as CEBCs according to a set of criteria which are elaborated by the 4Biomass project. They shall work together to promote the sustainable use of bioenergy in all CE countries: Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

CEBCs will support the use of bioenergy from biomass in order to contribute to reaching the sectoral targets set by Member States in the National Renewable Energy Action Plans (nREAPs). These provide detailed roadmaps of how each Member State expects to reach its legally binding 2020 target for the share of renewable energy in the final energy consumption. Because an extensive increase in the use of biomass is needed in most of the Member States, CEBCs will work towards a sustainable exploitation of existing biomass resources and the sustainable mobilisation of new biomass resources for heat, electricity and biofuels.

CEBCs will promote and inform about sustainable bioenergy technologies and available innovative concepts for heating /cooling and electricity generation with biomass.

The CEBCs will serve policy makers, investors and other stakeholders who are concerned with the utilisation of bioenergy in Central Europe as a source of information and advice. Knowledge on sustainable use of bioenergy will be gathered and spread throughout Central Europe. The CEBCs will be interconnected with other biomass/bioenergy focused organisations and institutions in national and international networks. A core group for this cooperation are the 4Biomass Project Partners.

1.1 Benefit of a CEBioNet

The work and actions of the 4Biomass-project and the Central Europe Bioenergy Centres will result in a Central European Bioenergy Network (CEBioNet). The flow of information at a transnational level is ensured beyond the 4biomass project’s duration time. The value lies in connecting national networks via the CEBioNet. The institutionalisation and definition of a mission will contribute to form a long lasting cooperation. This will grant transnational access to information, know-how and R&D progress in bioenergy.

Two transnational forums will be organised by the 4biomass project incorporating the CEBCs and initiating the work of the CEBioNet. At these events, CEBCs will foster the CEBioNet to bring the subject of bioenergy to a transnational stage. The first CEBCs will be nominated at the 4Biomass First Transnational Forum in Warsaw in April 2011.

1.2 Tasks

CEBC exchange relevant national information and knowledge on all bioenergy related issues, always under the aspect of their sustainable utilization by sending following type of information to the 4biomass website: technologies, best practice, workshops, conferences, presentations, policy and policy measures, research results.

  • CEBC provide information in national and – if possible - in English language
  • CEBC reply to questions from stakeholders or other interested persons, for first contacts free of charge
  • CEBC send information from the CEBC network to local networks

1.3 Eligible Institutions/Organisations

  • Organisation/institution shall be situated in one of the CE countries
  • Well established and experienced in the field of renewables, especially bioenergy and biomass
  • Own active national or regional bioenergy network
  • Nationally or regionally active or connected to R&D activities desirable but not necessary
  • Possibly experiences in EU or national bioenergy projects
  • European and International focus desirable
  • Prepared to sign a Memorandum of Understanding and support idea of CEBioNet
  • Prepared to provide support to stakeholders free of charge for first contacts
  • Prepared to appoint a contact person for the CEBioNet


First Nominations will take place at the Transnational Forum in Warsaw on 7 Apr 2011. All nominated CEBC will be invited to this event and will get the opportunity to present organisation by a poster.



This project is implemented through
the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF