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30th of June 2010

AEBIOM - Biogas Roadmap for Europe

Cover page of Biogas Roadmap for Europe

Author / Source: AEBIOM
Attachement: Biogas Roadmap for Europe [, pdf]

Biomass currently accounts for 2/3 of renewable energy in Europe and bioenergy will play a key role in achieving the ambitious targets approved by the renewable energy directive. 20 % of the final energy consumption have to be provided by renewable sources by 2020. A great target compared to the share of 8,5 % we have today. According to a study of the European Environmental Agency 2 the potential from agricultural is still largely unexploited and this sector is expected to have the highest growth rates in the coming years. Within the bioenergy sector the increased use of biogas opens up new fields of applications where biomass has not played a major role so far. High tech process energy for industries, effective small scale power generation and transportation fuels. Biogas cogeneration plants have reached a parity of heat and electricity output (one kW electric for every kW thermal) through technological advances in recent years. Europe’s dependence on fossil fuel imports should further encourage the energy market and politicians to invest in a renewable alternative and create market incentives for biogas. Biogas is the versatile, sustainable energy carrier Europe is looking for. Energy diversity brings stability. The use of manure and other organic waste should be a priority for biogas production. A large share of energy crops could be converted into biogas, but also used in different technologies, depending on needs in the particular country/region. “Such a diverse and wide ranging approach to power will bring greater economic security and stability to our environmental and energy future than our current one-size-fits-all approach” (Logan, 2006).

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