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28th of February 2012

Basic Data Bioenergy Austria 2012

Author / Source: Austrian Energy Agency

Austria is widely perceived as being a pioneer in the utilization of biomass for energy. This role of Austria is based on a long tradition of sustainable forestry, which is the main base of bioenergy–supply, and intensive efforts in research, development and market–preparation for modern technologies.

The folder “Basic Data Bioenergy Austria 2012” presents the current status of bioenergy in Austria, its historical development and its role among the other renewable and fossil energy carriers. It highlights successes and identifies work still to be done. It allows to share experiences, to learn from Austrian successes – and failures, and, in the consequence, to profit from already developed, proved, and tested technologies.

The folder has been produced in co–operation with the Austrian Biomass–Association within the framework of the Project 4Biomass. The 5,000 copies printed will be distributed at forthcoming events of the project and beyond, it can be ordered at the Austrian Energy Agency and be downloaded from here .



This project is implemented through
the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF