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1st of July 2010

Biomass utilisation in Slovak Republic

Author / Source: BIOMASA

In Slovakia still only a minor share of the energy consumption consists of energy from renewable and environmentally friendly sources such as biomass. It is very important that biomass is utilized in an efficient way, and that the most efficient routes for biomass utilization are chosen. Wood pellets start to use in Slovakia 8 years ago. The potential of biomass as a main energy carrier is huge. Biomass has many advantages; the energy balance of biomass production is excellent; it can be stored and transported easily, and is highly competitive. In Slovakia the pellets has started to be used 1 years ago, but strategic evolution was started by BIOMASA, Association 6 years ago. They can be used in detached houses, public buildings, local heat centrals and district heating plants. Biomass heating fuel also has many environmental advantages compared to conventional fossil fuels.

In Slovakia the gas is used by up to 95 % for heating purposes. Heating with biomass has already been cheaper today than heating with natural gas. The rapid conversion of existing natural gas heating systems by biomass heating systems can play a significant role in reducing the dependence of Europe and Slovakia too on natural gas imports. BIOMASA recommend first to transfer coal and coke to biomass, transfer from gas to biomass in second step.

Experience shows that with proper incentives and measures, the utilization of biomass can grow very fast, as is the case in Sweden and Italy.

Today approximately 40 % of the entire energy supply in Slovakia is consumed in buildings, and the development of conventional energy prices has made the use of biomass highly competitive for these purposes. The problem is that for example about 100 000 tonnes of pellets are made yearly in Slovakia, nevertheless hardly 25 % of pellet production is consumed in domestic energetic, which represents negligible amount of total power consumption.

The Slovak support program was created and approved by government in 2007, but it was launched in 2009 by Ministry of Economy and it is supported the solar energy and energy from renewable energy sources. However the government grant is in practice very low in comparison with the investment cost for biomass or solar energy.



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