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21st of April 2011

Establishing a Network of Bioenergy Competence Centres throughout Central Europe – First Nominations of Central European Bioenergy Centres (CEBC) at the Transnational Forum in Warsaw

IEN, FNR, Energia Központ, RE CORD and C.R.P.A. are the first nominated Central European Bionergy Centre - CEBC. The nominations were handed out to their representatives at the Transnational Forum in Warsaw by members of the CEBC committee, Ms Magdalena Rogulska and Lutz Mez. Additionally, the new CEBC logo was introduced to the public.

These five organisations will form a network of bioenergy competence centres to promote the sustainable use of bioenergy throughout Central Europe.

CEBC are nominated according to a set of criteria which was elaborated by the project partners of 4Biomass. The CEBC will form the Central European Bioenergy Network (CEBioNet). This network connects organisations and institutions active in the field of bioenergy throughout Central Europe.

The tree main tasks of CEBC will be:

  • To support the sustainable use of bioenergy in order to contribute to reaching the sectoral targets set by Member States in the National Renewable Energy Action Plans (nREAPs).
  • To work towards a sustainable exploitation of existing biomass resources and the mobilisation of new biomass resources for heat, electricity and biofuels.
  • To inform on and promote sustainable bioenergy technologies and innovative concepts for heating/cooling, biofuels and electricity generation from biomass.

Annually events gathering all CEBC will strengthen the network and exchange experiences between them. One workshop for CEBC will take place in March 2012 at the TNFII in Berlin, the final conference of the 4Biomass project. To increase the number of CEBC, the next nomination round will take place in fall this year. Interested organisations and institutions are invited to fill out the CEBC application form and send it to one of the 4Biomass partners. All documents and information are available at the 4Biomass website: https://www.4biomass.eu/en/ce-network/cebc

The first CEBC:

Institution Location Contact
Agency for Renewable Resources (Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe – FNR) Gülzow, Germany Birger Kerckow
Institute of Power Engineering Warsaw, Poland Hanna Burczy
RE CORD - Renewable Energy Consortium for Research and Demonstration Florence, Italy David Chiaramonti
Energy Centre Non-profit limited Company Budapest, Hungary Miklos Andrasi
CRPA Research Centre on Animal Production Reggio Emilia, Italy Sergio Piccinini

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Warsaw, 7. April 2011



This project is implemented through
the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF