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22nd of February 2012

Field trip in Austria

Author / Source: AGH

During the projects activities it has been observed that in Poland there are major prejudices under the population about the implementation of bioenergy. Though the political targets are high, the implementation of bioenergy is lacking far behind. It seems very important for the 4Biomass project partners to demonstrate the advantages that come along with bioenergy investments. This field trip was part of the projects work description and crucial for preparing investments - the core output here in this workpackage.

The Field Trip provided the opportunity to get to know by the stakeholders local/national conditions and regulations, learn problems, which occurred during the operation of the units and exchange experiences from their management. This knowledge may foster the sustainable exploitation of biomass within the EU by eg. creating more effective political measures.

It appeared very beneficial to all project partners to bring stakeholders from Poland to Austria in order to show how bioenergy can bring added value for the people that live there.

The participants were the representatives of the communes from different part of Poland in order to disseminate the knowledge gained during the Tour in different Voivodships. Selected were the decision makers, including mayors, council members or presidents of municipal companies, who may directly influence on the local energy strategy plans and implement technologies presented in Austria.

During the Field Trip from large to small scale units were visited. All site visits are presented in the Field Trip Report [pdf].



This project is implemented through
the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF