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1st of July 2010

Hungarian Renewable Energy Action Plan

Author / Source: EC Hungary
Attachement: Info on Hungarian REAP [, pdf]

Based on the target set in the 2009/28/EC directive on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources, Hungary has to reach 13% share of energy from renewable sources in gross final consumption of energy by 2020.

The ministry (Ministry of Transport, Telecommunication and Energy) responsible for the development of the REAP has charged the Hungarian Energy Office with the preparation of background studies and setting up three scenarios to reach the targets. 1st scenario: Lowest cost, 2nd scenario: Highest employment, 3rd scenario: Biggest CO2 reduction.

An inter-ministerial working group was established for the evaluation of the base studies and development of targets and measures. The working group consists of stakeholders from different ministries, energy agency and governmental organisations, like: Energy Centre, Hungarian Energy Office, Hungarian Academy of Science, etc…These organisations give inputs and discuss continuously the emerging issues.

The first working document of the REAP was released for public consultation on 22. April 2010. when the Ministry of Transport, Telecommunication and Energy shared the existing documents with the public on-line. The Ministry has also convoked a Civil Forum (consisting of NGOs). Experts working for the NGOs could give comments to the documents created during the process.

The forecast document on the development of use of renewable energy sources until 2020 was submitted to the European Commission at the end of 2009. In the document Hungary states that the country fundamentally strives to be self-sufficient in increasing the use of renewable energy sources, and cooperation activities within the EU will probably be limited to the field of biofuels. For further information please visit: http://ec.europa.eu/energy/renewables/transparency_platform/forecast_documents_en.htm

Meanwhile a new government was elected in May 2010 and the tasks and responsibilities of the former Ministry of Transport, Telecommunication and Energy have been taken over by the newly established Ministry of National Development.

25. June 2010.

The complete overview of all the biomass strategies can be found at Info Pool on REAPs at 4Biomass sites.



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