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23rd of May 2012

Joint Declaration to the Transnational Action Plan has been signed during the 4Biomass Final Conference

The Joint Declaration to the Transnational Action Plan, which has been elaborated within the 4Biomass project, has been signed by 8 representatives from 7 Central European Countries during the 4Biomass Final Conference.

The plan contains recommendations for policy makers and implementing authorities towards sustainable bioenergy development by a joint and consistent policy approach.

It is a conclusive output based on findings from Country Studies, Trade Studies, Needs for Demoprojects and especially from Stakeholder Dialogue Synthesis Report which can be all viewed at the 4Biomass publication site.

The 4Biomass Project results have shown that all Partner Countries dispose over a considerable biomass potential for energy use which should not get into com-petition with other purposes like material and food/fodder use, if sustainably and responsibly deployed. The Transnational Action Plan for Central Europe has been elaborated to provide policy makers and implementing authorities concerned with these issues, and directly or indirectly involved in decisions having impacts on policy formulation and implementation, with information and experiences gained from the diverse studies within the 4Biomass Project. The aim hereby is to facilitate a sound and considerate bioenergy policy design with the hope it may lead to joint efforts and good cooperation.

The signed document can be viewed here.



This project is implemented through
the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF