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24th of May 2012

Joint Management Tool available on the project home page

Author / Source: FNR

The project homepage provides a web-based tool providing information and support for persons aiming to implement bioenergy technologies. The Joint Management Tool consists of several elements, where the user of the tool can find information to different topics related to bioenergy in his own language. The main field of the tool is the support for small scale technologies. “Political framework” presents goals, policy strategies, action plans and responsibilities in the administration and shows responsible government bodies on national and local level. Under “Technology” companies offering and supplying boilers, district-heating pipes and further equipment are presented and contact details offered. Also software providers and fuel (woodchips, pellets, and logwood) suppliers are listed. Under “cost aspects” it is possible to find information on financial subsidies and soft-loans and banks which are specialised in financing bioenergy projects and companies which offer the service of contracting of bioenergy projects. Also further information, such as prospects and brochures on bioenergy, characteristic data on heating and bioenergy and addresses of interest organisations are available in the tool.

The user can also find information on demo projects in the Central European countries and use a search function of the tool to find the required information.

The Joint Management Tool is available on the project web page under the address https://www.4biomass.eu/en/ce-network/jmt




This project is implemented through
the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF