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1st of July 2010

Main feedstock used for bioenergy production in Slovenia

Author / Source: Ivo Blaznik, Jan Jereb, Ape, d.o.o.

Main feedstock used in Slovenia for bioenergy production is woody biomass. According to Slovenian Statistical Office Slovenia has more than 1,15 M ha covered in forest (approx. 58% of the Slovenian surface). More than 50 % of all energy from Renewable energy sources comes from biomass (announcement for 2009 is 50,2 % or 18.353 TJ).

Full potential of Slovenians forests is not exploited yet. The volume actually extracted from the forest in recent years was only part of the allowable cut (some 60-70 %). In 2008 was estimated cut 3,5 million m3, which is 5.7% more than in the previous year. For energy purposes was used 2 million m3.

The allowable cut itself can be raised up to 5 million m3 per year annually in the long-term. There is a potential surplus that ranges between 0.4 and over 1.1 million m3. These surpluses must be considered as very conservative because they refer to an allowable cut of 5 million m3 while the annual increment of Slovenia forests is above 7 million m3. This means that the true sustainable potential could easily be raised for another 2 million m3 per year without affecting forest sustainability or wood industries.

The forest stocking increased from 207 million m3 in 1990 to 286 million m3 in 2003. Over the period 1975-2000, the forest area has been increasing at an annual rate of 0,4 % (almost 5000 ha every year) due to abandoned farmland.



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