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22nd of February 2012

Need for Demoprojects

There is high unused potential in the exploitation of biomass for energy causes in the countries of the Central European region. In several cases experts, investors, political decision makers working in the region are not adequately informed to be able to initiate projects promoting the use of biomass energy. As a consequence, the available biomass potential remains unused in various Central European regions despite the favorable conditions.

The objective of the task to be implemented in the framework of the 4biomass Project WP 3.3.2 is to identify areas in the Central-European region where conditions are optimal to use biomass energy and to set up biomass-fired plants, combined heat and power plants, low-capacity decentralized energy equipment, plants producing bio gas, bio ethanol and bio diesel, wooden pellets or bio briquettes, etc. However, despite the favorable conditions biomass-based energy projects have not been implemented in a sufficient number.

The studies are available on the 4Biomass Publications site or directly here:



This project is implemented through
the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF