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8th of February 2011

Open consultation on the preparation of a report on additional sustainability measures at EU level for solid and gaseous biomass used in electricity, heating and cooling.

Author / Source: European Comission - Energy

Following its Report on sustainability requirements for the use of solid and gaseous biomass sources in electricity, heating and cooling in February 2010, the Commission is currently analysing the need for additional measures at EU level. This questionnaire seeks views on whether the EU should take further action to ensure that biomass used for energy purposes is sustainable, in particular in light of the developments in the bio-energy sector (supply, production, policy and regulatory framework) and considering the impacts of national/regional biomass sustainability schemes development. Though the main target audience is EU citizens and stakeholders, comments from outside the EU will also be welcome...

The consultation is open from 1st February 2011 and closes on 29th March 2011 This questionnaire is only in English, but responses to open questions can be in any European Union language.

If you have views on some questions and not others, do not hesitate to send an answer covering only these questions.

Contributions will be published, on http://ec.europa.eu/energy/res/consultation.

The objective of this consultation is to collect views and experiences of stakeholders on:

  1. the extent to which recent developments in the bio-energy sector reflect significant changes compared to the conclusions drawn in the first sustainability report (in terms of imports flows, types of biomass used for energy etc…);
  2. the extent to which other new policy developments related to the use of biomass have contributed to the sustainable production and consumption of biomass in the EU; and
  3. the development of sustainability criteria for solid and gaseous biomass at national and/or regional level and their impacts in the EU.

In the process of preparing the new report, the Commission is seeking the views of stakeholders and other interested parties on the need for additional measures at European level, so as to ensure solid and gaseous biomass sustainability when used for energy purposes.

For direct link to the questionnaire click here.



This project is implemented through
the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF