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31st of March 2010

RES use in the Czech Republic

Author / Source: Petr Tluka, Lucie Jakoubková, Zuzana Kratochvílová.

Energy from Renewable sources of energy in the Czech Republic

The share of electricity generation from renewables in domestic gross electricity consumption amounted to 5,2 % in 2008. The national indicative target share for the Czech Republic has been set to 8 % by 2010. The share of electricity generation from renewables on total domestic gross electricity generation amounted to 4,5 %. The share of renewable energy sources in total primary energy sources was 5 % in 2008.

The highest proportion of renewable electricity production in 2008 comes from hydropower followed by biomass. Renewables share of total thermal energy production is about 7%.

The highest electricity production from renewables was realized by hydro powers (2 090 GWh). Then biomass (968 GWh) from which energetic black liquor usage has a significant proportion (475 GWh). As a significant source of electricity from renewables can be considered biogas usage (215 GWh) and wind power plants (125 GWh).

Waste incinerators (11,9 GWh), photovoltaic systems (2,1 GWh) and liquid biofuels (9 MWh) have only marginal importance.

Hydroelectric energy

Hydroenergy is the most important renewable source for the energy production, especially because of its suitable parameters for electrical system regulation. The CR, compared to other european countries, ranks among hydroenery poor countries.

Gross electricity production from hydroelectric plants amounted to 2 024 GWh while the total installed capacity amounted to 1 045 MW. There are 1045 MW installed hydroelectric plants, from which 150 MW are hydroelectric plants which size is below 1 MWe, 141 with a size between 1 and 10 MWe and 752 with size above 10 MWe.

Hydroelectric energy share of gross energy production in the last year (2006) was 2.27%. Its share of green energy production was more then 61%. Predominant part of CR hydropotential is for a long time used primarily for electrical system regulation (as mentioned above). The utilization of remaining hydroenergy potential represents construction of about 100 MW installed capacity in small hydroelectric plants.

Geothermal energy

There is no production of geothermal energy in CR yet. Long term perspective to 2050 counts with 140 projects with installations of 5 – 30 MWe. Conservative estimation of available geothermal energy potential in the CR is 10 TWh of electricity and 26,9 PJ of thermal energy.

Wind energy

There were 66 aerogenerators with total installed capacity of 65,5 MW in 2006 in the CR. In the 2007 amount of them increased to 100 with total power of 114 MW.

By the end of 2008, 150 MW of aerogenerators had been installed in the Czech Republic. They have produced 245 GWh in 2008 (125,1 GWh in 2007). Key condition for wind energy functioning is satisfactory wind potential. From the technicial and energy efficiency point of view wind powers are rather source of problems than competitive energy source in continental conditions.

The growth of installed power in the wind energy sector was obtained by high government subsidies (subsidised purchase price, investment support). Several aerogenerator construction projects of total capacity about 2000 MW exists already. But in fact we can envisage with construction of 350 aerogenerators of total installed capacity 800 MW.

Thermal Solar Energy

About 80 000 TWh of Sun energy catch the CR by the year, it is about 250x more then the annual energy consumption. Thermosolar systems are mostly used for hot water preparation.

Energy production of solar thermal collectors in 2008 was 202 TJ. Total area of glazed collectors was 165 000 m2. In the years 1977-2008 was installed about 220 000 m2 of glazed collectors with metal absorber. Supply of these glazed solar collectors was 35 000 m2 in 2008, thus annual growth was 40%.

The end of 2008 the 125 000 m2 of collectors have been installed in the households (family houses). Another 40 000 m2 of solar systems have been installed out of households.

Photovoltaic energy

Installed power of photovoltaic energy sharply increase and practise since 2007 crucial part of total power is delivered to network.

1214 photovoltaic power plants was licenced in the end of 2008. Gross electricity production from photovoltaics was 12,9 GWh. Total installed capacity in 2008 amounted to 54,3 MWp (only systems with licence).

Biomass energy source

Gross electricity production from biomass amounted to 1 171 GWh in 2008 (annual increment of 203 GWh). Heat production from biomass amounted to 15 463 TJ (without households).

Beside „traditional“ fuels – wood waste, chips and wood chips (579 000 tons) and black liquor (224 000 tons) was in 2008 registered decrease of non-agglomerated plant biomass consumption (from 62 000 tons in 2006 and 16 000 tons in 2007 to 15 000 tons in 2008). Compared to that, consumption of plant material granules and briquets increased (from 16 000 to 24 000 tons). In the 2008 865 thousand tons of biomass were used for electricity production, it is much more than in 2007. Growth was observed with wood waste, chips and wood chips consumption.

In the case of thermal energy statistical survey of 30 thousand biomass processing companies was done. In 2008 these companies produced 15 463 TJ of thermal energy, most of it was used in own factory. Black liquor (787 thousand tons) and kategory of wood waste, chips, bark, wood chips and logging residues (1 024 thousand tons) are mainly used. There is still low share of energy used non-agglomerated plat materials (22 thousand tons).



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