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22nd of February 2012

Study tour in Slovenia

Author / Source: ApE
Attachement: Study tour in Slovenia [, pdf]

In frame of the 4Biomass project has been organized already the sixth study tour, this time in Slovenia. The study tour was linked to the partner′s project meeting on the previous day in Ljubljana. The site visit locations were chosen as they represent important milestones in the Slovenian RES story in the field of biomass. Two heating and one biogas plant were on the agenda, which was prepared also with the generous help of SLOBIOM, Slovenian Biomass association.

The best way to learn about best practice examples and exchange experiences is to see it in person. In order to understand also the context around them two presentations from the forestry and agricultural Institute of Slovenia were given. The former presented the use and development of the forest biomass for energy purposes, the latter focused on the biogas production and use in Slovenia, mainly in the agricultural sector.

Presentations were made at the Vransko Innovation Centre, which was our host for the first part – a small workshop, where Slovenian bioenergy situation was presented to the partners. First Mr Marko Krajnc, general manager of the Energetika Vransko gave a presentation about the centre and district heating plant. He gave a short historical overview and then explained the technical details and operation of the plant. After the presentations and some questions answered Mr Krajnc showed us the research centre, and its installations. The main object is a furnace, which is used for testing of burn characteristics and calorific values of different materials. Other installations such as PV plant, solar thermal collectors, own developed lamp powered by a PV panel, speak of vast RES portfolio of the research centre, not focusing just on bioenergy.



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