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21st of September 2010

Study tour of 4Biomass partners to the Bioenergy Region Straubing-Bogen in Bavaria/Germany

Author / Source: 4Biomass project

15 participants visited at their first stop the Centre of Excellence for Renewable Resources in Straubing. This institution is well known beyond the borders of Bavaria. After two introductory presentations, the 4Biomass group visited the exhibition ‘From the crop to the product’. Samples of bioenergy applications visualize the possibilities for the use of different raw materials.

Afterwards, the group went to the industrial area at the port Straubing-Sand to the BioCampus Straubing GmbH. The network of BioCampus connects companies active in trade and utilisation of renewable raw materials in the industrial area of Straubing-Sand. This area has direct access to the Danube through the port. The first company to settle near the Danube harbour in 2005 was the company Enviva Pellets GmbH&Co KG, which was visited by the group as well. The pellet plant produces app. 120 000 t of pellets per year.

One of Germany’s Bioenergy villages, Ascha, is located near Straubing. The visitors were welcomed by the mayor of Ascha, Mr Zirngibl. He has been already the mayor and the front man of this village for the last 20 years and has been actively accompanied the development of Ascha to become a bioenergy village. He explained the bioenergy concept and lead through main facilities established in the village, the combustion and a solar field.

On the second day, three bioenergy plants were visited. The communal compost and waste management company runs a biogas plant, which turns biodegradable waste into heat and power with an annual output of app. 2.371.000 KWh electricity and 2.527.000 KWh heat. Electricity is fed into the regional grid, the heat is supplied to the EON/Schmack biogas plant in the neighbourhood.

The EON/Schmack biogas plant uses silage to produce biogas. The crops are supplied by 150 farmers in the region. 80.000 t are processed every year producing 16,5 Mio m3 biogas. The gas is upgraded and fed into the natural gas grid supplying 5.500 households with energy. The annual output is equivalent to about 11,2 Mwh gas.

The last station was the heating plant at the market garden of Straubing. The residues from the market garden and landscape activities carried out for the city of Straubing are burnt in the newly installed combustion plant to produce heat. A district heating grid supplies warm water to the market garden buildings as well as to the nearby school. This study tour was a successful for all participants. The participants obtained new impressions and knowledge on a wide range of applied bioenergy concepts. They left with the impressions of an advanced bioenergy region as a good example for successful deployment of renewable resources in Germany.

The objective of the project 4Biomass is to foster the sustainable usage of renewable energy sources in Central Europe. 4Biomass is funded through the EU by the ERDF. In total, 5 study tours are organized to visit outstanding bioenergy companies, technologies or concepts. The First two visits went to Slovakia and Italy; the next study tour is planned for Austria and Hungary and the fifth one to Poland.

Report from 3rd study tour Bioenergy Region Straubing-Bogen, Germany



This project is implemented through
the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF