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24th of May 2011

Synthesis Report of Trade Studies has been published on 4Biomass.eu sites

Author / Source: Environmental Policy Research Centre Freie Universität Berlin

The implementation of the targets set by the European Commission in the RES Directive 2009/28/EC (RED), to be achieved by 2020, will demand considerable efforts for development of RES potential in Central Europe (CE). As bioenergy is currently the most important source of renewable energy in this region, it will be crucial to further increase its use in a responsible way, with regard not only to economic favor but also to environmental and nature protection issues and as well to social impacts.

All Partner Countries of the 4Biomass Project (Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovak Republic and Slovenia) possess a considerable biomass potential, however, the stage of its development is very different. Although European directives and as well national promotion schemes have enabled a significant progress in recent years, this progress has led to quite uneven results. The highest increase of biomass as a share of the total energy consumption in CE from 2000 to 2007 was achieved in Germany (+4.5 %), Austria (+ 3.5 %) and Czech Republic (+3.2 %). At present, Germany is accountable for slightly more than 50 % of the total biomass production and consumption among the Partner Countries (Kalt et al. 2009). Nevertheless, for securing domestic demand and achieving EU targets, it will be indispensable for most of the CE countries to import a certain amount of biomass.

The Partner Countries are hardly comparable pertaining to size, number of inhabitants, geographic conditions, natural resources and state of their exploitation and use. This report gives an overview picture of the present situation of biomass and bio-energy potential, production and trade flows within the region and across the borders.

The synthesis report is based on the data collected by the Project Partners in the Studies on Biomass Trade in their countries, and as well on their Country Studies on Political Framework and Availability of Biomass (www.4biomass.eu/publications) . For detailed data and description the individual reports from the Partner Countries should be consulted. For data based on own research by the author, sources are indicated.

For more information on the Synthesis Report and on National Reports on Biomass Trade click here



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