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22nd of February 2012

Workshop on removing barriers for faster development of RES in Slovenia

The workshop was in the Slovenian Parliament November 15th 2011, organised by Slovenian Biomass Association SLO BIOM and supported by ApE and 4BIOMAS project with the ambition to contribute to removal of unnecessary bureaucratic and other barriers.

Opening program

The workshop was opened by the president of the Parliament board Mr. Blaž Kavčič. In his speech he specially pointed out the importance of wood, wood industry and potential wider use of biomass for energy. Twenty years ago there were about 30.000 people working in the wood industry, today only about 10.000. There is a serious need to “reinvent” the wood, as the best low carbon material for construction of buildings and wide series of wood products. The wood sector should create a big number of working places, decrease the needs for import of fossil fuels and decrease substantially also the CO2 emissions. The importance of RES in the Slovenian future energy policy was presented by the Director of energy directorate, Mr. Janez Kopač. He specially criticised the many times bureaucratic approach of the institutions involved in the process of getting the permits for construction. Instalment of RES in the space is some times more difficult than instalment of a fossil fuel project, gas pipe or road. We are somehow blocked in majority of RES initiatives. The representative from the Ministry of environment defended the slow approach in giving the consents with the complexity of use and conservation of land. The importance of RES for research, development and international collaboration was well assessed by Dr. Erika Glasečnik from the Directorate for science and technology. Martina Ĺ umenjak, president of the SLO BIOM association stress the need to remove the barriers for RES in a way that we can develop them much faster and only in this way we can prepare the basis for smooth move from fossil to renewable energy sources.

Nomination of Energetika Vransko d.o.o. and its inclusion in the network of Bioenergy Centres of Central Europe:

The nomination to the Energetika Vransko was made by Martina Ĺ umenjak, member of the board for nomination of BCSE. Mr. Marko Kranjc, director of Energetika Vransko in his speech giving thanks to 4BIOMASS project and the BCSE board pointed the clear orientation of the Community Vransko to renewable energy sources already in the past and the ambition to continue this way also in collaboration of European institutions with similar interests.

Move from fossil fuels to RES and Energy Efficiency:

Within this section we had two base presentations and discussion. Dr. Peter Kralj, director of GEJZIR, presented the potentials of RES. According his estimation the main sources are hydro, wood biomass, geothermal and solar energy for heat and electricity and also some wind potential is available. The presentation on Energy efficiency potential was given by Mr. Bojko Jerman, director of E–NETSI. He mainly stressed the opportunity which is in the energy renovation of existing buildings with very important commercial, sustainability, visual and energy effects.

Removal of barriers for renewable energy sources in Slovenia:

The first contribution was from Mr. Vili Kovačič, president of the nongovernmental association. He is very active in trying to stop the recent construction of a new big coal power plant Ĺ oštanj in Slovenija. His message was that the government has the obligation to direct the potential energy investors from the sector of nuclear and coal to the sectors of renewables. The different barriers for construction of bigger RES plants were given by Mr. Borut Meh, adviser to director of HSE, the biggest Slovenian electricity producer, Mr. Danilo Ĺ ef, adviser to director of Dravske elektrarne, the biggest producer of hydro electricity and Dr. Vladimir Kercan, director of Turbo Institute. Especially dr. Kercan pointed out the wide experiences of Slovenia in this sector, big potential in Slovenia and abroad and the urgent need of the strategic actions for development in future. Mr. Jože Brdnik from RE Ing as an expert from real live presented a big number of small barriers, which brings delays and worse quality. Mr. Tomaž Ogrin, member of association of nature protection, exposed the potential of thermal solar energy and the need of different approach for financing if we want to achieve better results.

The whole event was coordinated by Mr. Franko Nemac, director of ApE–Energy Restructuring Agency, dr. Peter Kralj, director of GEJZIR and Mr. Bojko Jerman, director of E–NETSI



This project is implemented through
the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF