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7th of October 2009

Participation in the international conference BIOENERGY 2009

Author / Source: Hanna Bartoszewicz-Burczy (IEN)

Project presentation on the international conference - BIOENERGY 2009,

The International Bioenergy Conference took place in Jyvaskyla, Finland from 31st of August to 3rd of September.

Finland is one of today’s top users of bioeneregy with the target for 2020 on 38% share. Main biomass potential are forests, also agrobiomass, biogas and waste are great possibility to increase the use.

Conference focused on factors affecting the future of the bioenregy, biopower, biofuels in transport and modern technologies based on bioenergy, including logistic systems, management, energy biomass chains, effects of the energy market, the influence of green energy and other trends affecting forestry, agriculture, industry and climate.

The “4Biomass – Fostering the sustainable usage of renewable energy sources in central Europe – Putting Biomass into Action” was presented during the opening session.

More tan 350 participants from all over the world took part in the conference.

Main conference topics, cover R&D results, demonstration, cases, equipments and good practises:

  1. Strategies, Politics, Legislation Tools and Implementation Issues: possibilities to support the EU targets, Kyoto Protocol, national targets and free energy markets and green values, sustainable development and security of energy supply
  2. Climate change: sustainable use of bioenergy, sustainability criteria of biofuels, LCA on green house gas reduction, carbon dioxide capture
  3. Bioenergy Markets and Business: national and international bioenergy markets, financial and market instruments, certificates, feed in tariff, emission trading, fuel quality assurances and standards, price competitiveness, management systems
  4. Biomass Resources: potentials, quantities, measurements methods, qualities and properties for feedstock from forestry, agriculture, peatlands, municipals and processing industry
  5. Fuel production, logistics and technologies: production, pre-treatment, procurement, transport and logistic
  6. Combustion and boiler systems: combustion and boiler technologies and systems for industries, district heating, house blocks, small houses and agriculture nets
  7. Combined Heat and Power Production (CHP): power plant, district heating and small scale technologies and systems for CHP production
  8. Chemical Conversion Technologies: gasification, pyrolysis, biological conversion and liquid fuels production (biodiesel, ethanol, direct/indirect liquefaction)
  9. Pellets: different raw materials, production, use
  10. Biogas: raw materials, production, upgrading and different use sectors
  11. Biomass to liquids (BTL): production, upgrading and use
  12. Sustainable peat: production, handling ,combustion and processing to transport fuels
  13. National and Areal Demonstration and Market Implementations of Bioenergy Production and Use in different Bioenergy Sectors
  14. Environmental Issues: flue gas cleaning, ash handling and recycling, sustainable development
  15. Applications of information and communication technologies: internet, mobile phone technology, electronic documentations, remote management tools, internet marketing and information dissemination.

Oral presentations from all over the Europe were presented, discussed, and published in Conference Proceeding. Most of presentations were followed by series of important questions and comments from the audience.

Some participants were already informed about the content of 4BIOMASS website and with some participants the cooperation as a Transnational Advisory Group Members had been presented and recommended.

2nd September – 4th September 2009

Conference, Poster Presentation, Exhibition Wood and Bioenergy 2009

Jyväskylä Fair Centre arranged an Exhibition for participants for Bioenergy Conference on 2nd September 2009. Exhibition was organized by main Finnish company from bioenergy business in this by: Forest Industries Federation, Otawoo Helsinki University of Technology Laboratory of Wood Technology, VTT Building Technology, The Association of Finnish Wood Industry Technicians and Engineers, Association of Furniture and Joinery Entrepreneurs, Association of the Finnish Small-Scale Sawmilling Entrepreneurs, Finnish Woodworking Engineers Association, The Association of Finnish Sawmillmen, Finnish Sawmills Association.

Exhibition show (photo above) modern sustainable business – devices, technologies, and products based on bioenergy in Finland.

During the Conference days Posters Exhibition and competition were arranged. Presented posters were group to 15 topics according to conference topics.

3rd September 2009

Technical Tour – New Technologies for Large Scale Production of Forest Fuels for CHP

This tour was organized by the Bioenergy Association of Finland - FINBIO. Participants visited the Rauhalahti biomass fuelled CHP Plant, which produce economical and environmentally friendly bioenergy. The Rauhalahti CHP plant has tasted the combustion of reed canary grass since 2006. The reed canary grass is always combusted as a fuel-mixture with peat or wood chips in the large scale combined heat and power systems. The reed canary grass is transported as bales than are chopped at the site and mixed to the main fuel. This CHP plant produces 85 MW electricity, 140 MW district heat and 65 MW steam. Annualy Rauhalahti CHP plant uses 2 TWh different kind of local fuels.

We visited forest site in the municipality Toivakka, some of the most effective biofuel production systems and also manufactures who have developed new technologies and methods for large and medium scale forest energy procurement. Forest energy wood used includes stumps, logging residues and small diameter trees removed during clearing and thinning operations. We get to know the practical fuel procurement systems, energy technologies, logistics, know-how and experiences, combustion and harvesting systems and R&d results.

Forest energy harvesting by using different harvesting techniques and transportations solutions were presented by representatives from UPM (one of the world's leading forest industry groups) and PONSSE (industrial company, global leader in the field of environmentally friendly cut-to-length forest machines):

  • First thinning: combined pulp and energy wood harvesting (John Deere, Ponsse Fox)
  • Pulp harvesting and transportation to roadside (Komatsu)
  • Logging residue bundling (John Deere)
  • Stump lifting (Volvo and Mononens)
  • Stump transportation to roadside (Ponsse with Mononens equipment)
  • Spruce planting (M-planter – planting machine)
  • Chipping at roadside (Jenz)

Photos below show subsequent work of forest energy wood by using different machine.

The Conference and the Study Tour increased knowledge about the modern biomass –based power, heating and CHP plants and technologies from farm scale up to the world’s biggest construction.

The conference was an excellent opportunity to present 4BIOMASS activity and establishing new personal contacts through meetings with bioenergy representatives from many European and worlds countries.

New TAG members were invited to cooperate with consortium.

Here you can download the 4Biomass presentation from the Energy 2009 conference.



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