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12th of April 2010

Posters from the 4Biomass and Bioenergy Promotion conference in Berlin II

"Promoting sustainable bioenergy production and use – Challenges ahead for EU wide implementation of RES Directive 2009/28/EC".

Sustainability workshop

Sustainability Implementation

  • Austria

  • By Austrian Energy Agency

  • Czech Republic

  • By CZ Biom - Czech Biomass Association

  • Estonia

  • By Tallinna TehnikaĂĽlikool

  • Germany

  • By Agency for Renewable Ressources

  • Hungary

  • By Energy Centre Hungary

  • Italy

  • Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and the Environment

  • Latvia

  • By State Ltd. Environmental Projects/Latvia University of Agriculture

  • Poland

  • By Centrum Naukowo-Badawcze Energii Odnawialnej

  • Slovenia

  • By Energy Restructuring Agency, ltd.

To view presentations from the Capacity Development Workshop click here.



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