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24th of June 2009

Transnational Advisory Group established!

Author / Source: Carina Lemke

The Transnational Advisory Group (TAG) of the project 4BIOMASS has been established!

Representatives of the following institutions take an active part in the TAG:


  • Bundesverband BioEnergie e.V.


  • Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Environment & Water Management
  • Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology

Czech Republic

  • Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic, Bureau of ecological agriculture and renewable sources of energy
  • Department of Environmental Policy and Renewable Energy Sources, Czech Ministry of Agriculture (Associated partner of 4BIOMASS)


  • Ministry of Transport, Telecommunication and Energy; Department of Environment, Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development


  • Research Center for Renewable Energies CREAR; c/o Department of Energetics "Sergio Stecco"; Faculty of Mechanical Engineering; University of Florence


  • Institute for Fuels & Renewable Energy (RES), EC Baltic Renewable Energy Centre (EC BREC Poland)
  • Secretary of the Polish Member Committee World Energy Council

The group will evaluate the 4Biomass proceedings in order to direct the work of the project into a very practical direction and make results relevant and applicable for stakeholders. All over the project’s duration (until 11/2011) executive summaries of the project reports and full reports about current development of 4BIOMASS, planned action and results will be sent to the Transnational Advisory Group (TAG). The TAG is asked to comment on these reports in accordance with their experience. The Commentary will be considered in all work undertaken.



This project is implemented through
the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF