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Transnational Action Plan for Central Europe

Recommendations for policy makers and implementing authorities towards sustainable bioenergy development by a joint and consistent policy approach. here

Stakeholder Dialogue Synthesis Report

Results of the trans-national stakeholder dialogue containig opinions and assessmenst concerning the framework conditions of bioenergy, the national biomass action plans, measures and instruments for the support of bioenergy, the prospects and the most favorable markets of bioenergy deployment and the role of bioenergy in relation to the other renewable energy sources of 1 221 biomass experts. here

Basic Data Bioenergy Austria 2012

Within the framework of the 4Biomass projects has been in co–operation with the Austrian Biomass-Association published the folder “Basic Data Bioenergy Austria 2012”, which presents the current status of bioenergy in Austria, its historical development and its role among the other renewable and fossil energy carriers. here

Pre-feasibility Studies

The Pre-feasibility Studies analyze possibilities for bioenergy projects in the Central Europe. AT, HU, PL, SL

Need for Demoprojects

The need for demoprojects has been analyzed based on biomass potential and biomass use in different regions of the Central Europe. AT, CZ, DE, HU, IT, PL, SL

Stakeholder workshops

Workshop for stakeholders interested in the 4Biomass project relevant topics. Altmark, Germany
Lombardia, Italy

Stakeholder Fieldtrips

Fieldtrips organized by 4Biomass project partners for stakeholders from their countries. Altmark, Germany,
Lombardia, Italy,

Studies containing collected information regarding the biomass use in Poland

Information and data on realization of investments in biomass use for energy purposes in Poland (compilation prepared by Z. Kurdziel) presents information about the selected new facilities using biomass for energy purposes in Poland constructed in 2010 and investment plans for the future. (Polish language)

Selected information and data on legislation regarding the use of RES in Poland, including draft versions of National Action Plan, implementation of EU directives, analyses regarding the impact of EU and Polish legislation on development of biomass use for energy purposes. (Polish language)



Study Tours

Reports from study tours which have been organized within the project 4Biomass. 1st Zvolen, SK,
2nd Ispra, IT,
3rd Straubing, DE,
4th AT - HU,
5th Poland,
6th Slovenia

Synthesis Report of Trade Studies

Synthesis Report of Studies on Biomass Trade in Central Europe here

Trade studies

Studies on Biomass Trade in Central Europe AT, CZ, DE, HU, IT, PL, SI

Regional Info Days

Information about Regional Info Days which have been organized in the Central Europe AT, CZ, DE, HU, PL, SI

Country Studies

Overview on national legislative framework on biomass, relevant ordinances and regulation, as well as on county and community level, economic incentives, other support measures, existence of a national bioenergy strategy, etc. Furthermore biomass resources - biomass sorts for heating/cooling, electricity, and transport. here

Synthesis Report of Country Studies

Synthesis Report of Country Studies investigating the availability of biomass resources as well as the legal, financial and other policy instruments for promoting the sustainable use of biomass in AT, CZ, DE, HU, IT, PL, SK, and SI. here

First flyer

The first flyer is presenting the project 4Biomass, its main goals and the team, which will be cooperating on achieving those goals. The flyer will be of course as well translated to all languages of project partners and available in printed form.

The flyer will be handed out at conferences and other venues relevant to the project. Hope to see you there and as well we hope to present you some further documents very soon.

here EN, AT-DE, CZ, HU, IT, PL, SI, SK

4Biomass Poster

The poster contains basic information on the project. It will be presented at all the 4Biomass venues and other venues in the poster section.


Communication Plan

The Communication plan creates a framework for other tasks within the project 4Biomass. It defines the major ponits of external and internal communication.


Sustainability Guideline

The Sustainability guideline defines approaches of the project 4Biomass towards the sustainability.



This project is implemented through
the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF