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Trade studies

Studies on biomass trade in the Central Europe

Biomass potential is limited and it is already evident, that some countries have shortages on biomass sources and are forced to import a considerable amount of biomass from other countries. This means that transnational trading is increasing, and it will be of great importance to establish sound and sustainable logistics for biomass transport. For some CE countries this offers good possibilities to build up supply chains and to sell their biomass sorts on the regional market. The EU target of 20% RES by the year 2020 - at the time RES share is only less than 10% in EU - certainly will cause additional trading also with Non-EU countries (e.g. Ukraine might have good opportunities to take part in it if political actors seize their chances).

Here you can find national studies on biomass trade in CENTRAL EUROPE

and the Synthesis Report of national studies on biomass trade in CENTRAL EUROPE



This project is implemented through
the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF